Back to the big news…

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that my “focus days” on the book proposal was quickly interrupted by a request for some shorter pieces, but that I didn’t want to announce anything without permission.

Permission, granted, so here goes… Continue reading

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Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit

A great first day of the Summit. Challenging and encouraging. Hearing talk after talk that complements a writing project I have underway is just icing on the cake. Can’t wait to hear more tomorrow! Tonight a big milestone was reached, but no rest – ok a little rest, but so many other things to do for writing, ministry, work, family. So thankful for a life full of passions. Will force myself to go to bed early tonight.

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book vs. platform

It’s an interesting mix when you start writing. The first question is “what is your platform.” The platform is the audience you have before you start writing.

I’m fortunate with the men’s ministry experience I’ve had and the growing movie ministry efforts, but while those are good, it’s not home run material.

Publishers want to know about platform and past writing experience so they know you can bring potential buyers to the table and there are people who have worked with you, you’re professional, and can take editing (which can be painful).

To someone working on their first book, this means that your time is split – writing the book of course, but also having your eyes and ears open to other opportunities.

As noted before, my plan for Thursday through today was simple – the book proposal. Friday afternoon I received a request from a well known and respected organization to write several short pieces for them.

Was it part of my goal for this weekend? No. Did it get the book closer to being completed? No.

Here’s the thing – did it get the book closer to being PUBLISHED? Yes, I believe so by being something I can put in the proposal to show past work / partners.

When you’re writing a book, you’re always growing, and need to be flexible to adapt and see the big picture.

Hope to have final confirmation of the series publication in the next few weeks – don’t want to hex anything (ok, I don’t believe in hexes, but do believe in not announcing things before getting permission).

Because He Lives,


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A big week to come

My wife and son are out of town through next weekend, leaving me with ‘nose to the grindstone’ time – which is both exciting for the amount of work to tackle, but also a time I need to be intentional to not over do it. It can be quite a challenge to reach that middle ground, but that’s my goal.

The first week I’m working on getting files together for some upcoming ministry events – a screening of “HERO” on July 27th and a series of showtimes in honor of the 10th anniversary of 9/11. (learn more on both at

Then, it’s time for a final edit/review of my book proposal and send it off. I’m excited to see what God does with it – the last several months have provided additional platform-building opportunities for which I am extremely thankful.

Prayers appreciated. Thanks.

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Hello world!

Writing?  Speaking?  Me?    Five years I never would have believed it, but now I’m excited, though still a bit frightened by the idea.  I’m confident in the messages I’ll be sharing and trust God for the doors that He opens.

This Blog won’t be high traffic for a while, but as the book (yes, a book!) develops and gets a few steps closer to completion we’ll touch on a number of topics here.  Several other opportunities are also in the works that are pushing me out of my comfort zone, which is where all growth occurs!

Thanks for stopping by – I hope we can both challenge and encourage each other, and if necessary step on a few toes along the way!

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