Known Regional Movie Ministries

No, we make no claim this is an exhaustive list.  These are, however, at least ministries that we know whose mission and goals are consistent with growing an ongoing audience to support Christian Movies.

These are independently run ministries.  While there may be name similarities (a huge honor, but by no means required) or common efforts, there is no “control infrastructure” so particular efforts by one group may not be the same as another, and decisions on particular films may also vary.

This page is primarily for people looking to start a movie ministry to see what else is out there, or for people moving to a particular area wanting to see if there is something already in the works.

Our prayer remains 500.  We know of 8 specifically, but expect this number to grow (perhaps significantly) in 2016!

If you are operating a movie ministry intentionally looking to grow audiences (and not just promoting one film or from one studio) please let us know and we can discuss/confirm your inclusion to the list.

Ministries listed in order of our discovery and their confirmation to be added, not actual start of their efforts to promote Christian films.

1.  Heart of Illinois Christian Movie Central (2010)

Base:  Peoria, Illinois
Launched:  2009 (formally Feb. 2010)
Rough Radius:  80 miles

2.  Southern Indiana Christian Movie Central (2014)

Base:  Evansville, Indiana
Launched:  June 2014

3.  South Bay Family Films (2013)

Base:  South Bay, California (Los Angeles area)
Launched:  2013

4.  Faith & Family Films (2007)

Base:  Randolph, NH
Launched:  2007

5.  Christian Movies:  A Light in a Dark Place (2006)

Base:  SE Florida
Launched:  2006

Unique in they way they are located in SE Florida, but most of their efforts are nationwide awareness – one of the few we will include both as an RMM and a resource.  Look forward to learning more about them.

6.  Arizona Christian Movie Supporters

Base:  Greater Metro Phoenix Area
Launched:  2013 (on facebook, efforts for years)

7.  Movie Ministries Outreach

Base:  South Alabama, Louisiana, & Mississippi
Contact:  Hilton Glass.

8.  Bedias, Texas, Christian Film Festival

Base:  Bedias, Texas (NW of Houston)
Contact:  Dave Woodruff
Launch Date:  Easter 2012
Offers films the second Sunday of each month.

9.  Guardian Angel Ministry

Base:  Enosburg Falls, VTContact:  Rev. Timothy G. Stetson, Founder/President



Do you know others who are active in this effort?  Have them contact us – it is not about control or cost, but mutual learning and encouragement.

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