I welcome opportunities to speak to your group.  Since 2007, I have spoken at each year’s Equip Christian Workers’ Conference in Peoria, Illinois, and have also presented workshops at Iron Sharpens Iron men’s conferences.

I am currently a field trainer for Man in the Mirror, available to present their “No Man Left Behind” men’s ministry model in a variety of formats.  Please contact me to discuss what format might work best for  you.

Below are a variety of speaking topics I have developed over the years.

  • FORGOTTEN FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT:  When Following Christ Doesn’t Feel Christian AKA  Vegetables of the Spirit: The Bible’s Forgotten Fruit

A look at some Biblical virtues the Holy Spirit develops in our lives that supplement Paul’s Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), but are often disregarded by today’s church culture because they may not taste sweet – or feel “Christian.”   Like them or not, they’re good for you.

  • The Rest of the Bible Story: From Bible Stories to the Bible
    How did you introduce your children to Bible stories?  My First Bible?  Veggietales?   Flannelgraphs?    Beyond the introduction, how has their Bible grown up with them?  Many adults still perceive the Bible as kid’s stuff.  We’ll review how many of the best known children’s stories are anything but family friendly if we actually read the Bible.   Ideas to help them deepen and own their own faith will also be shared.
  • Why Ministry to Men?  To Change the World!
    Where are the men?  Many churches have asked this for decades – even after decades of “successful” programs for youth and children.   Men’s ministry is more than breakfasts, ball games, and Bible studies.  This discussion is more on the “why” than “how,” with the goal being an awareness of how active, engaged men in the church strengthens all ministries – both now and for generations to come.
  • Resist the BAIT, Avoid the Trap.”

This is being featured in Man in the Mirror’s devotional “Equipping the Man in the Mirror” in the fourth quarter 2011 issue.  (the week of November 7)

As a workshop, we will address the issues of pornography / temptation / addiction – with a focus of looking at our individual BAIT that gets us in trouble.  We’ll also view the dvd “Somebody’s Daughter” from Music for the Soul and have 1-3 local testimonies from men who have engaged in Every Man’s Battle.  (for added power to your group, enlist a man your men already know to share.)

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