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In 2013, after our watching too many episodes of Duff Goldman on Ace of Cakes, my wife casually mentioned a cake idea for my birthday, which I then took about 10 steps more crazy than she anticipated.  It was a BBQ grill with a steak, Cornish game hen, bacon, and of course briquettes and flames.  The only part not edible was the cooling rack “grill.”

46938747_10156816270406764_7004258208487309312_n_10156816270401764From there we’d make a few cakes each year – almost every Super Bowl and then just what came up.  One of the techniques I used more than anything else is Buttercream Transfers, which to a large degree makes creating logos and images (and text!) almost as simple as paint-by-number.


Last winter, I looked into online options on the technique, and decided that I would give it a shot myself.  This fall/winter I’ll be teaching several in-person workshops, and then look to make it available online in 2020.

We will be adding a Gallery page of additional cakes to our website in the coming weeks.

NOTE:  I am not trying to teach how to bake cakes, or general piping skills.  I recommend you look into Wilton courses for these skills, as I am largely self-taught and don’t claim to be an expert.  Wilton does not (that I have seen or heard when talking to people at Wilton stores) have anything pertaining to this technique.

There will be two offered.  The first is a beginners workshop which will be open to all and fun for both those planning to learn the technique to make cakes year after year, or who just want to have a fun evening together with friends.  Here each attendee will practice some basic techniques, and then make two Buttercream Transfers to take home and impress their friends and family (along with cookies to put them on!).  The transfers will be based on upcoming holidays or events (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Graduation) or can be customized for in-home workshops. At least one of the designs used will typically have an element where you (or your kids) can customize the design to make it truly yours!

Why “Cookie Night?” Because for this beginner course we’ll be making transfers for you to put on cookies instead of cakes… but don’t worry, we’ll have a cake at the end also to demonstrate how easily a “Cake-by-Number” approach can be done.

A public workshop should be scheduled soon at a local hobby store, and we are open to other locations – including  at your house with a group of friends!

Interested?  Email Rich with any questions or to schedule a Cookie Night!


At first, we just thought of this being a class for those who wanted to be pretty serious about it, then we talked to more people who just thought it sounded fun.  To be honest, I think both will be pretty fun, but this more advanced workshop will be for those who completed the Beginner and is ready for more!  We’ll cover various elements that the casual (or workshop-only user) might not be interested in or ever use. I’m also thinking this might also include a follow up coaching session to talk through topics that didn’t cross your mind at the class itself.

This night will be a little more work, and more focused on practice and trying different things than it will be about having something to take home to eat specifically from this class.

Interested?  Email Rich with any questions or to schedule a Cookie Night!

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